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For a very long time I wanted to create a keepsake or a gift which would be affordable, unique and handmade;

to give to people in your life to show you love them or just simply as a reminder of someone, something or someplace. Or just to celebrate something or simply because you need something that makes YOU feel good.

It all just started with me looking to give my hands something to do while I had to go through lots of online reading material.

Since 2000 we have been living in Ireland and since 2004 we have been living on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula in CO. Kerry. Part of the Wild Atlantic Way, the Dingle Way or Camino and

and where part of the Star Wars movies were shot.

I always say that I am born Dutch, but that my Heart is Irish.

Because of that small sentence I thought why not try to make Hearts, After many tries with different materials, my heart (no pun intended)

was captured by the process of creating the woollen Hearts. A natural material, beautiful colors, sturdy, big enough to be noticed and small enough to be posted and

for people to carry it with them on their travels; and for those who, just like me, carry Ireland in their heart no matter where they currently are.

A very important thing for me is that people can choose a color(s) that feels good to them or might symbolize the identity of their loved ones they choose a heart for. I

 truly believe in the power of colors. I am an experienced Reiki Practitioner and Teacher and colors have always played a significant role in my spiritual life. Although there are several explanation in relation to the meaning of colors, I also believe that colors can have a very individual meaning. For some red stands for celebration because red roses are being given with each aniversary. For others it might symbolize loss, because there were red roses at the funeral of a loved one. If you are truly interested in the meaning of colors I would suggest you do some research online.

The most important thing is when you pick your present you go for the color that you feel drawn to. I think there is always something that you will like because most items come in various colors and I can only hope they bring you as much joy and fun in having them as they have given me creating them.

If what you are looking for is not available you can email me and I might be able to come up with something that you like because I do make most items on request as well.