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Doodle Doh-Nuts

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Welcome to Amarae

The perfect place to find your perfect gift. Unless specifically stated otherwise all our gifts are handmade and therefor one of a kind. Items are being made on request, but I would advise to have a look around, it will be very likely you will find something to your liking.

Keep in mind that once an item is sold it will not be possible for that item to come up for sale again.

The exception to the rule are our single color items but even they will vary in size and sometimes in color due to the coloring process which always causes slight color differences.

Except for our Fabric Statues which you can find in our section ‘Other Nice Things’, all our woollen items are handmade with wool from Co. Kerry in Ireland.

Gift Wrapping Available!               Be Fast! Don’t be Last!

Other Nice Things